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LEGO “Build Together: House” commercial – Father and son, building a better world

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

In ancient times, sons often worked with and learned from their fathers. In the industrialized world, this does not go on so much. Men usually only have a chance to spend time with their children while not working, but even this is often difficult. However, there are some hobbies which are perfect for fathers and sons to take up together, and it seems LEGO is making itself one of them:

Here we have one of the classic accelerated-building LEGO commercials, but it is not one of the kits. It is a father and son team building a free form house. This brings back memories for me, as I have often enjoyed free-style LEGO building. But personal feelings aside, this ad also has many good points in its portrayal of men:

  1. A Father and Son Team: It shows a man and his son working together on a project. They are skilled (even if only at a hobby) and they complete their project well, both happy with their work and with one another.
  2. Creativity: This ad actually encourages creativity, something not often seen in advertising. It is free form building and the narrator clearly states that the two builders have differing styles, each bringing odd, imaginative components to the construction.
  3. Respect for the Job: It is often said that many men work too much. At the same time, many hobbies for men are mocked to some degree or another. Usually the only thing for men to do is sports, but that isn’t immune either. This ad shows a man doing and enjoying an actually playful hobby, and one he can do with his children, and he isn’t even made to look silly for doing it.

Scenes like this are what could actually help to get men back into their families. Many sons and daughters miss out on time with their fathers, either because of too much work or divorce. Men need activities like this they can do with their children to help bring them closer together, which could in turn help improve men’s relationships with their wives.

Men need to feel comfortable at home, with their families, so that they do not feel required to over-work. People often use the phrase ‘boys and their toys’, and men do enjoy toys, things of play, and helping men to have a chance to enjoy such things of play with their children could lead to much deeper family bonds.

The next step would be to show the hobby being done with open acceptance from women.

Hear that, ladies? The LEGOs are come’n into the living room!

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