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December 18, 2009 4 comments

It is said that man evolved from lower lifeforms, but that means we may still have more evolving to do.

The Top 10 Ways to Become An Evolved Man discusses this from the perspective of dating. How can we men act more ‘evolved’, improving ourselves to better attract women/mates.

However, I found that this article goes a bit deeper than that. All of its 10 points are themed around dating, but they are also good ideas for living a better, fuller life. Many of these ideas strike at the core of the many ways our modern society oppresses the behavior of men.

A few of my favorites from the list of 10 are:

Number 10 – Teach Others What You Learn:

Mentoring is a common part of human life, be it father to son, mother to daughter or master to learner. The idea of making a habit of sharing what you learn is a good one. Men are often made to be far too isolated and this kind of behavior can help open them up to others.

Number 8 – Accept Anxiety:

As I have discussed before, the practice of radical innovation has traditionally fallen to men (not that women don’t innovate). However, the modern soci-complex focused on performance can often drive men to be very fearful of trying new things for risk of failure. Those who succeed are those who are not afraid to fail. To achieve such a mindset men must learn to trust themselves and must be able to trust women to not be cruel at their times of failure.

Number 5 – Know Your Purpose in Life:

A focus in life is very important. It can even make you live longer. Men are often driven to become so career-focused that they lose their real direction in life, becoming worker drones. Some life purposes once dear to men, such as fatherhood, have largely been taken away by society and we need to take them back. Climbing the corporate ladder is not a purpose. Leading a full and righteous life is.

Next are numbers 3 and 2:

Number 3 – Stop Giving Approval To Get it

Number 2 – Stop Seeking Approval

Both say basically the same thing: stop pandering to the women around you.

Men have a natural tendency to be very accommodating to females, even if only out of a drive to breed, but this behavior has and is often exploited by women to gain power over men.

Numbers 3 and 2 are important lessons. No one should twist themselves in knots just to win approval from those around them. If a woman doesn’t like you as you are, don’t go changing just for a chance, and this includes letting her get away with anything. That goes on far too often. The ‘old ball and chain’ should be going both ways, not just one, or be done away with all together.

Number 1 – Stop Apologizing

And so we come to Number 1. Truer words were never spoken. For several generations now, your standard piece of relationship advice for men is “just apologize”. The minute men started apologizing for being men was the hour of our doom. If she doesn’t have to apologize for staying out late with her friends, neither does he. Fair is fair and the road to a functional relationship is not one person always taking the blame.

Or maybe women should all have to apologize every time they talk too much.

No, then every conversation would end with a “sorry”.

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