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Hanes Socks “Paste” commercial – His idea is stupid. Buy this instead!

December 16, 2009 3 comments

The spirit of invention! Innovation! The March of Progress!

All these things have long been the realm of men. Through history, almost all the great inventors have been men. Even today, the great majority of patents are held by and awarded to men. Exact statistics are a little tricky to find, but most estimates will put the current level of male-awarded patents at 80-85%. Definitely a considerable majority.

Now, with that piece of information accepted, I hope we all understand the significant role men play and have always played in the invention of new technologies which improve the lives of men, women and children alike. Such inventive processes often take months, years or even decades. This investment of time can lead to incredible inventions, but the investors require support to reach such a goal.

With all that in mind, here is a commercial for Hanes Socks:

Here we have an average family, mom, dad and son. Mom comes home to find her husband dipping their son’s feet in a paste of his own invention, designed to make perfectly fitting socks. Her response?

That’s really stupid!

Now, where I come from (planet Earth), the word ‘stupid’ is generally considered fairly infantile and is not seen as appropriate for use between adults, no less a married couple.

After she calls her husband stupid, the woman throws him a bag of Hanes Socks and we see their son almost tripping because of the paste, thereby rendering the man’s invention completely inept. Ain’t that just sweet? I’m glad wives are so helpful to inventing husbands!

I can just hear Mary Edison:

Thomas! Why are you in the lab all day? A light bulb? Just light the blasted lamp and come to dinner!

Or maybe Sigrid Cerf:

Vinton, you dolt! The lawn still hasn’t been mowed. I don’t care if you’re working on the…the Inter-whatever! Turn off that computer-thingy, you know no one will ever use it!

Better yet!

Thaug, stop hitting those rocks together. I don’t care if it makes glowy specks, it’s not going to do anything to that tinder and wood.

I for one think the idea of spray on socks is interesting, if yes a bit silly. But if you could spray on a liquid which would solidify, protecting the feet but still breathing while being able to be peeled away…well that could actually be useful. Better yet, it might be able to last beyond a single peeling, allowing for instantly fitted socks which could last.

But, no matter what the invention is, no matter how outlandish, the idea of a person calling their spouse’s attempts at creation ‘stupid’ is insulting, at best. This kind of media disdain for men’s attempts to innovate is common, their work at inventing often shown as stupid, pointless and childish, even though it is those kind of projects which lead to the greatest inventions of mankind. I think a little respect would be due.

But maybe wives just need to learn from a bad experience. Maybe I’ll work on a pill to cure period pains completely, but then I’ll stop a week before completion because my of my wife’s complaints.

Sound like a good idea?

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