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The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Andy Zenor – Does this mean I can harass gay women?

November 25, 2009 3 comments

Ah, talk shows!

The above images are from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. As you can guess, the woman is Ellen. The man is a stagehand by the name of Andy Zenor. In the past he just helped move things around and hand stuff out, but it seems Ellen recently took a fancy to him. For some time now it seems that he has been appearing in these short-shorts. And as you can see, Ellen appears to greatly enjoy stroking his legs, often to his apparent discomfort.

Hmm, now isn’t there a name for that?

Oh, yes! Harassment, sexual harassment.

When I was a kid, that was considered something an employer should not do to an employee. Come to think of it, I seem to recall some examples of employers getting in trouble for sleeping with their employees, supposedly promising advancement. But I guess that doesn’t apply, since Ellen is gay (and possibly female, but that is harder to judge).

By that logic, heterosexual individuals could do similar things to homosexual individuals, since they aren’t interested. Lesbians wouldn’t mind a little butt squeeze from a man, since they won’t be sleeping together, right?

No matter what anyone says, such conduct is harassment. Here are some federal guidelines as to what constitutes harassment. I think they apply. For example:

Harassment violates federal law if it involves discriminatory treatment based on race, color, sex (with or without sexual conduct), religion, national origin, age…

Looks like singling out to me.

It doesn’t matter who the employer is, nor their orientation. Harassment is harassment. But then, there seems to be something of a cultural belief that men do not mind sexual or semi-sexual advances, even if they show outward discomfort. This page on TV Tropes is about just that topic. Such tropes do not only apply to television, but real life.

I don’t watch talk shows (I only see them in passing), but if there is one with a woman employee in booty-shorts, I would love to see a picture.

As for the Ellen Show, I think Weird Al summed up my opinion for me:

Or those weird talk shows
About Transsexual Nazi Eskimos
They’re rude, crude and vile
Just for a minute let’s flip down the dial