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Hello and welcome to the Beard Reel.

This blog is dedicated to exploring all the many ways men and boys are represented in the media, including television and movies, both good and bad.

Read our posts to learn about the many ways masculinity is portrayed in the mass media. You might even find out about some stuff that is actually worth watching. Men are often shown in a negative light in western film and television and here we will see how and maybe even find out why.

We will also explore the good, seeking out positive male figures and examples of good relationships between men and women.

Finally, we will look deeper at many common themes in the media which have a greater meaning for men than might seem apparent.

Also, while a good bit of face-fuzz is always welcome, the content of this site is not limited to media containing beards.


  1. December 11, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Strength can be measured in ways other than physical might/brawn … think of Sherlock – or Poirot. There are many males in the media who have a clear strength of mind and moral character that makes them excellent role models – and some even husbands! Pen is mightier than the sword etc etc. Which is why I loved Napoleon Dynamite – he had the strength to stand up for his friend in the face of seemingly impossible odds, to be different and NOT conform. And the sweet -funny- duo in Shanghai Noon (Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson) are evidence of loyalty and honor as strengths (one embodied it, the other earned it). Willow Offgood and Mad Mardigan – another odd pair – one noble who overcame his fears, the other irrationally fearless who needed to learn nobility. The boy in Juno (although it was totally about the girl) was also a sweet, steady, admirable man. The poet Yeats in Bright Star – weak physically (TB) but strongly brilliant in his love and passions (and his Fanny was a definite counterpoint – annoyingly silly at times, but strong of will and determined to defend him). Recently watched Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands – and that was a curious study in masculinity, and how a woman may seek both the captivating, passionate art of a man’s love – and the safety and stability of a man’s mature love (rarely finding it both in the same man!). And then there is Johnny Depp, the pirate / rogue / tender loving father he is in person and on screen ( re: Chocolate set in France). And then there is the gay man, who has to face overwhleming opposition and develops many different types of strengths for survivial – as in Milk, which showed both the empowering side of activism – he w as an amazing hero in his simple, direct way (very good movie – Sean Penn was absolutely Milk).

  2. December 11, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    Check out this letter on Salon.com about womean and men …
    “There is another type of man. One whose strength is in his compassion, caring, creative, nurturing and peacemaking capabilities. “

  3. mm
    October 22, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    What did you think of Social Network? It got bad press for gender stereotypes yet the misogyny actually launched the 2 best zinger lines in the film.

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