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Gurren Lagann – Warriors

This is part 4 of a series exploring Gurren Lagann.

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Gurren Lagann is a story of male warriors who fight with their very souls and all the strength of humanity to achieve the impossible. It shows and respects the natural warrior instinct of men. Men and women are both aggressive in different ways, but there is often disdain shown for the aggression of men (that of women is also often simply denied). Gurren Lagann is an action show, filled with violence, but it is not pointless violence. The men here are aggressive, many wanting to fight, but they are largely in control and know what they are doing. They go into battle with all their heart, fighting for their cause, not for ego or glory or riches. They are the kind of warriors you can respect. Warriors are often blood thirsty and corrupt, but many are also noble men who do battle out of need, not blood lust. I believe Gurren Lagann mostly portrays the latter.

Now, it is not always good to glorify the act of fighting. However, I believe that what is wrong is glorifying the act of killing. That is what murderers do. Gurren Lagann glorifies the act of doing battle, of using your whole self to fight for victory. That is what warriors do and that is what we see in Gurren Lagann.

These men are also more than warriors. They are not dangerous psychopaths, but passionate leaders and lovers. Off the battlefield we see them as caring fathers and companions, to their fellow warriors and those who did not fight with them. They are not feared or ridiculed for their warrior instincts. They are respected and praised for all the good they do by fighting in battle. This aggression is kept in balance by the more peaceful characters, as has always been the case in history. Gurren Lagann shows how male passion and aggression can be embraced and appreciated, as it should be.

Another way respect is shown for the warrior-men of Gurren Lagann is in how their deaths are handled. There are plenty of deaths, especially of men, but it isn’t just pointless ‘man-slaughter’. They are dieing for a cause and others around them care. A lot of media will just throw in deaths here and there without real thought, but these deaths have real meaning behind them. Even when a mass of nameless and faceless men plunge into death, it is made to have feeling, to invoke an emotional response. Men have always been the ones who die for what they believe in, but modern western media has come to often belittle or mock this. Not so here. These men are ready to die, but they are anything but disposable.

These men are warriors to their bones and they are loved and respected for that. They are not one-dimensional meat-heads, however. These men are human first, fighters second. Violence is rarely the right path, but sometimes you can only succeed by fighting for what you believe in, and it is usually men who do this fighting.

Next time I will take a final look at the series as a whole and explore its overall image and sense of masculinity.

  1. Taliesin
    December 16, 2009 at 11:02 am

    For you see to fight, and therefor to be a Warrior, is not to kill at all, but to stand up for what one believes in.

    Gandhi was a Warrior, he fought with all of his heart, and for it what did it get, a freed subcontinent that’s what.

    There are three thing that one can do, Run, Fight, or Stand, and by fight I do not mean to kill, for to kill can only bring more of the same.

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